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Sea Scouts is a national, co-ed outdoor program for young adults ages 14 to 21 that promotes knowledge of our nation's maritime heritage and provides young people with positive opportunities through hands-on maritime education, training and experiences.  Being youth driven, Sea Scout participants truly have the opportunity to be in charge of the direction of the ship while adult leaders take on a more advisory role balancing adventure with responsibility. While some crew join for the leadership experience, camaraderie and fun, others join who wish to prepare for maritime or marine science careers.

North Shore Sea Scout Ship 5 was created to again offer an opportunity for youth to benefit from the sensibilities and skills gained from experiences on and around the water.   We have nearly doubled our enrollment since June of 2013 enjoying a great season on and off the water.

To date, this new crew of Scouts has rowed regularly with the Gloucester Gig rowers, sailed as Apprentice Crew aboard the Pinkie Schooner Ardelle, and volunteered many hours to assist with community events.  They sailed aboard the Schooner Roseway for the Labor Day Schooner Festival and contributed to the success of the weekend by resourcefully securing a boat to ferry back over 200 lobsters for the Saturday Lobster bake when the crowd grew to be much larger than expected.

With fall here and school in session, we continue to meet regularly to work on projects and skill development. We have plans to complete our swim test at the YMCA, participate in this year’s COASTSWEEP beach clean-up, make sails and renovate the rig on the historic wooden pinkie Watermark, and work with the USCG instructional personnel and facilities next door.  We are also excited to now own a 32 ft. Endeavor sloop. Thanks to the kind donation of Jan and Ted Charles, the scouts will now have their own ship to learn with, prep, launch and sail for the next season.

Continuing to foster leadership in our youth, we are always looking for ways to grow and develop the ship through adult participation of talent, ideas, and support

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Congratulations North Shore Ship 5

Sea Scouts complete the Sea Survival safety course

Maritime Gloucester congratulates our North Shore Ship 5 Sea Scouts on completing the Sea Survival safety course at Survival Systems USA in Groton, CT. The course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to enable anyone to care for themselves in a sea survival situation.  

While the skills around hypothermia mitigation were individually challenging and the group sea surface formations enlightening, the highlight of the event was the group raft rescue in simulated rough seas, complete with high gusty winds, lightning, helicopter sheer winds, deafening noises, and driving rain all assaulting the small raft in the dark. Apparently it's not uncommon for participants to yell "Do it again!" when the simulation ends and they crawl out of the survival raft, all smiles, shaken but happy.