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  • Jun18
    Giant Squid Dissection - Live Broadcast from New Zealand

    Giant Squid Dissection - Live Broadcast from New Zealand

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 4:00 pm

    Join us for an evening of squid science!  Dissect your own small squid, then watch a giant squid dissection as it's broadcasted live from New Zealand.

    From 4pm – 5pm, discover the amazing adaptations of squid as you dissect a small squid species in our wet lab.  The small squid dissection is $5 per person, and recommended for ages 6 and up.  All the squid will be recycled as food for our Aquarium creatures.  From 5pm – 8pm, we'll watch the first three hours of a six-hour giant squid dissection conducted live at New Zealand's Auckland University of Technology.  The event will be played on our large projector screen in our Marine Science Classroom.  The viewing is free, and calamari and pizza will be served for a suggested donation of $5. 

    From AUT: "Giant squid have fascinated mankind for centuries, but many aspects of their biology remain poorly understood. AUT University is excited to be examining several giant squid, and invites you to watch the action unfold as Dr Kat Bolstad and her team examine Architeuthis dux specimens from New Zealand waters. Join us as we dissect these deep-sea giants, collect data and seek answers to some big questions. What is the giant squid’s role in deep-sea food webs? Can we infer more about its life by examining the enormous eyes? What are the effects of ocean acidification on these animals? We will be using a combination of traditional and novel techniques to learn what we can from this exciting event."               

    Special thanks to the Auckland University of Technology, the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and The Octopus News Magazine Online.  In the event of technical difficulties, we will offer a plankton exploration in our video microscope lab.   

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    Jun 18

    Giant Squid Dissection - Live Broadcast from New Zealand Location: Maritime Gloucester
    When: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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