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Please check out the following stories about activities at Maritime Gloucester:

  • Winter Can't Slow Us Down!

    Take a peek at what the Gloucester Daily Times has to say about our robust winter programming. Check our website often for registration and more information about upcoming programs and events. (Photo: M. Springer/GDT)


    Winter Can't Slow Us Down!
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  • Fall Field Trips Wrapping Up!

    Bivalvia, Asteroidea, Echinoidea.

    Fifth-graders from Beeman Elementary School learned those are the classifications for clams, sea stars or starfish, and sea urchins, respectively, during a field trip Wednesday to Maritime Gloucester as part of the center’s Ocean Explorers program.

    Besides learning how to classify sea creatures, the schoolchildren were able to get up close and personal with some specimens, studying the hundreds of tiny, transparent, adhesive “tube feet” of the sea star for instance. The children also took part in life science sessions in the center’s classroom and digital microscope lab.

    The marine ecology lessons the fifth-graders learned at Maritime Gloucester tie in with their regular science classes at school. During the winter, Maritime Gloucester educators will visit Beeman to develop and reinforce what the fifth-graders learned.

    In the spring, the schoolchildren will have a chance to go out on the center’s flagship, the pinky schooner Ardelle, and collect samples and conduct tests at sea.

    Fall Field Trips Wrapping Up!
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  • Empowering Peace

    Maritime Gloucester was pleased to host 120 young women from around the globe as part of a recent Women2Women leadership conference.  

    Empowering Peace
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  • Gloucester Gig Rowers Head Across the Ocean!

    The Gloucester Gig Rowers will be representing the United States of America and are sending two teams to the World Pilot Gig Championships. The competition will take place in the Scilly Isles, off the coast of Cornwall, England, during the first weekend of May. 

    Gloucester Gig Rowers Head Across the Ocean!
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  • Sea Scouts Reunion

    George Grimes remembers his days in the Sea Scouts fondly, even if they were more than a half-century ago. ”I benefited from it a lot,” said Grimes, who authored the memoir “Water Under the Keel,” in which he discusses his Sea Scout days at length. “It was tremendous fun and taught me a lot. Like most things, you get out of it what you put into it.”

    On April 4, the day before Easter, Grimes plans on taking part in the reunion at Maritime Gloucester for all former Sea Scouts, the nautical arm of the Boy Scouts of America, from the North Shore. The reunion, organized by Maritime Gloucester and Gloucester-based North Shore Ship 5, will serve two purposes. As with all reunions, it will provide the platform for folks to reach back to earlier times in their lives and reconnect with those who shared those experiences.

    Sea Scouts Reunion
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  • Harbor Clean-Up is a Community Effort

    The Rocky Neck Cultural District and Harbortown Cultural District reached across the harbor April 11th and 12th to support a clean Gloucester Harbor. This effort was the first Gloucester Harbor marine debris cleanup.  The weekend’s events, a real community undertaking, were supported by the City of Gloucester, the state Department of Environmental Protection, the Harbortown Cultural District, the Rocky Neck Cultural District, NOAA, Maritime Gloucester, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Ocean Alliance, students from all three school districts on Cape Ann, the North Shore Sea Scouts out of Maritime Gloucester, and Hiltz Waste Disposal Company.

    Harbor Clean-Up is a Community Effort
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  • Maritime Gloucester TALKS

    Maritime Gloucester TALKS was a highly successful series of presentations ranging from earthy 2012 National Heritage Fellow, Harold Burnham to celestial navigation. In March we were pleased to host a series of talks by our friends at Large Pelagics Research Center in Hodgkins Cove. 

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  • Pathways to Maritime Gloucester

    Maritime Gloucester educators worked with Pathways for Children to bring their students here for a series of programs this month.

    Pathways to Maritime Gloucester
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  • Tom Balf talks with Joey Ciarmitaro

    Executive Director, Tom Balf sat down recently for a conversation with Good Morning Gloucester's Capt. Joey Ciarmitaro.

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  • 2013 Maritime Summit in Gloucester

    Maritime Gloucester was pleased to play an active role in planning and participating in the successful Maritime Summit held February 7, 2013 at Cruiseport in Gloucester. This year’s theme was Innovation and Opportunities  in the New Maritime Economy.  The purpose of the event was to share the maritime business creativity, entrepreneurship, research and technology development occurring in Gloucester and the North Shore and to recognize emerging opportunities. The following video highlights theday.

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