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Employment and Internships

High School Internship Program

Our High School Internship Program is a well-established program offering interns the opportunity to work 10 hours/week in the Maritime Gloucester Sea Pocket Touch Tank Aquariums, which consists of nine outdoor saltwater aquarium tanks stocked with local marine life. The mission of the exhibit is to showcase local marine environments, the animals that inhabit them, and their connection to the maritime industries that have thrived in Gloucester. Interns will be involved in all areas of operation of Sea Pocket Lab as well as in related programming. Interns will assist with: interpreting exhibits for the public; tank cleaning and maintenance; start-up and shut down procedures related to seasonal operation of Sea Pocket Lab; food preparation and feeding of animals; collecting animals and stocking tanks; monitoring the health of aquarium animals; and any ongoing projects related to Sea Pocket Lab, including the preparation of new exhibits. The internship enrichment program ensures that all interns gather in a social setting to meet fellow students, learn from practicing scientists and have fun.


College Internship Program

Maritime Gloucester is sponsoring a number of college-level interns who are working on a variety of marine science and maritime related research endeavors. Think of us for your Summer 2014 summer research project/internship. Send inquiries to